The Newman Choir

A bunch of vibrant individuals, who share a passion for sacred music

Managing Committees

Current Managing Committee 

President                       Edward Mendes
Vice-President                Edwin Mathias
Honorary Secretary         Anne Pereira
Joint Secretary               Zelia Monsorate
Treasurer                       Michael Fernandes
Joint Treasurer               Grisilda Tavares
Committee Member        Oscar Leo D'souza
Committee Member        Celeste Cordo
Committee Member        Linda Rodrigues
Committee Member        Norma Carneiro Alphonso

Previous Managing Committee 

President                        Fiona Dias-Miranda
Honorary Secretary          Sanndra Patel
Joint Secretary                Edwin Mathias
Treasurer                        Geoffrey Mascarenhas
Joint Treasurer                Grisilda Tavares
Committee Member         Celeste Cordo
Committee Member         Ameeta Sequeira

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